Choosing Flannel Fabric For Garment

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Choosing Flannel Fabric For Garment

If you are looking to sew a garment that is comfortable and cozy, you may want to consider using flannel. It is a soft and durable fabric that can be made from cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers. It is woven using a plain or twill weave, and it is often brushed (or napped) to give it a fluffy texture.

Flannel is an extremely popular fabric and it can be found in many different styles, from plaids to tartan patterns. However, the main characteristic of flannel is its softness and warmth. It is ideal for cold weather wear and can also be used as a material to make quilts and blankets.

Choosing a Flannel for Your Project

When selecting flannel for your sewing project, it is important to choose a quality fabric that is comfortable and durable. It should be a good balance between softness and strength, and it should also be colorfast so that it will not fade or wash away over time.

Needle Size for Your Flannel

Because flannel is thick and sturdy, it is best to use a needle that has a larger diameter. A size 16 would work perfectly for piercing the threads of flannel easily and accurately.

Needle Care for Your Flannel

Flannel can dull needles and leave a trail of lint on your sewing machine and table, so it is important to change them often. You should also avoid using the same needle for several projects, as this will result in uneven stitches and a rough seam.