Correct Use of the Curling Properties of Knitted Fabric

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Correct Use of the Curling Properties of Knitted Fabric

The curling of knitted fabrics is the phenomenon of edge fabric wrapping caused by the reduction of the stress in the edge loops of the fabric. Hemming is the shortcoming of knitted fabrics. It can cause uneven seams of garment pieces or size changes of garment edges, thereby affecting the overall shape of the garment and the size of the garment.

But not all knitted fabrics have hemming properties, but fabrics with individual weaves such as weft jerseys. For this kind of fabric, you can pull the edges, insert ribs, or insert ribs by adding dimensions when designing the pattern. The solution is piping and inlaid adhesive interlining strips on the edge of the garment. The hemming of some knitted fabrics has been reduced during the finishing process of the fabric, saving the trouble of template design.

It needs to be pointed out that many designers can use the fabric's curling properties to design them on the neckline and cuffs of the model on the basis of understanding the performance of knitted fabrics, so that the clothing has a good appearance and style. It is refreshing, and its curling property can also be used to form unique patterns or dividing lines in the knitting of shaped garments.

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