Flannel Fabric Quilt Is More Beautiful And Warm

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Flannel Fabric Quilt Is More Beautiful And Warm

    The flannel fabric is made by blending and weaving the wool with the primary color after dyeing the wool before weaving, using the twill weaving and plain weaving techniques, and at the same time, it has been processed by milling and brushing, and the knitted product has the characteristics of softness.

    Flannel quilt covers look especially nice and come in generous colors. The color of flannel is pure, there are three kinds of colors: light gray, medium gray, and dark gray. It is usually dyed with loose fibers, mainly black and white mixed with different shades of gray or light brown and milky white. Today's flannel fabrics also have piece-dyed plain colors and patterns such as plaids and stripes.

    An indispensable step for selecting a good quality quilt cover is to touch. For the purchase of a new quilt cover, you can try to touch the quilt cover with your hand to see if it feels a little hard and has less resistance, and the second is the feeling that the moisture in the credit is absorbed.

    The second point is to look at it from all directions and angles. A good quilt cover has more detailed and uniform craftsmanship. Common pure cotton products pilling, most of the products with qualified content, are also partly caused by friction due to a large number of chemical fiber fibers.

    The last is by smelling. Pure cotton products are basically impossible to print too complicated and have fine patterns and colors, and the taste is relatively small. Other fabrics don't have much odor either.