How to Clean Coral Fleece Blanket?

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How to Clean Coral Fleece Blanket?

Coral fleece blanket is a must-have item for every family in the world today because it is different from other woolen fabrics.

The coral fleece blanket feels super soft, super smooth, delicate and steep, just like baby skin. Exquisite silk thread, plain weave coral fleece, solid texture, soft and comfortable. Does not fade, does not lose hair, does not hold the ball, is wrapped in the body, or lying in bed, like a group of warmth and hatred. Excellent water absorption function. Coral fleece is one of the new and best-selling textile fabrics.

The product feels soft, has a fine texture, and is environmentally friendly. Mainly used for home accessories, baby products, children's clothing, pajamas, clothing, shoes and hats, toys, handicrafts, auto parts, materials, etc. Cotton lint is better than pure cotton absorbent products, breathable and comfortable, and has no effect on the skin. Washing machine cleaning method fold the blanket into a mesh bag and put it in the washing machine; use an easy-cleaning agent, wash at room temperature, and wash without bleaching; after washing, it is naturally dried, without rotating cage drying or ironing. Hand wash-Put the blanket flat in the bathtub, soak it with general household cleaners at room temperature for 20-30 minutes; gently rub it with your hands or feet; rub it after washing, let the water dry, naturally dry, without ironing.

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