How To Judge The Pros And Cons Of Home Textile Products

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How To Judge The Pros And Cons Of Home Textile Products

    When purchasing home textile products, the first thing to check is the quality of home textile fabrics. The quality of fabrics lies in the thickness and density of the yarn. Because the higher the density of the cloth, the better the quality of the cotton, the softer the hand, the more lustrous, the higher the requirements for its production process, the higher the density of pure cotton or polyester-cotton, and the better the quality of the fabric, and the product can show noble, luxurious and elegant taste.

    The warp and weft densities of qualified products from regular manufacturers are generally 75*75, 133*72, and the yarn count is 45*45 or 40*40. Count 60*60, 60*40.

    Secondly, the quality of the fabric lies in its printing and dyeing. Good quality products have better pattern printing and dyeing, no printing, no color difference, no dirt, no discoloration, fake products have an obvious color difference, no printing, no discoloration.

    The filling is an important part of the health protection, warmth, breathability, and durability of home textile products. Such as wool, down, and cotton with no impurities, and no odor; while counterfeit and inferior products are made of inferior chemical fiber mixed impurities, or ordinary acrylic cotton, uneven, soft, poor bulkiness, and poor air permeability.

    At present, some home textile products on the market are hand-laid cotton-like or glue-like fibers. With the prolongation of use time, the elasticity of the fiber is crushed to death, shrinking and agglomerating. The corners around the product are easy to come out and doff. We must keep our eyes open when choosing home textile products.