Lamb Wool Quilt Cleaning And Maintenance

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Lamb Wool Quilt Cleaning And Maintenance

    Lamb velvet is comparable to lamb wool in terms of warmth retention. Lamb velvet also has a soft feel, and the clothes are extremely soft and comfortable to wear on the body. Second, the processed lamb velvet has excellent elasticity. Finally, the fabric is very good in acid and alkali resistance. Performance.

    The appearance of lamb velvet is light and clean, with good air permeability and drapability, soft texture, light and transparent, smooth and elastic to the touch, and very comfortable to use on home comforters.

    In the daily quilt maintenance we can do this:

    1. Pay attention to cleaning and use: generally do not need to be cleaned. In normal use, add a layer of quilt cover to the quilt fabric, and change the quilt cover frequently, so as not to hide dirt. Choose a mild detergent with a pH value of less than 7, put the lamb quilt into the water, and rotate it carefully, remember not to twist or wring out the lamb quilt, which will change its shape, and spread the lamb quilt evenly after washing. Dry naturally.

    2. Pay attention to regular drying: Lamb velvet quilts do not need to be dried frequently, and must not be exposed to the sun. Such quilts can be dried for an hour in a ventilated place or with a bedsheet.

    3. Pay attention when storing: put it in a dry and ventilated place, and put an appropriate amount of insect repellant; do not put heavy pressure when storing.