Main Features Of Printed Flannel Fabric

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Main Features Of Printed Flannel Fabric

    Printed flannel fabric is a soft and suede wool fabric woven from carded yarn. Created in Wales, England in the 18th century. In China, it generally refers to the woolen wool fabric with a clip flower style woven from mixed-color carded yarn, which is covered with a layer of plump and clean fluff, no texture, soft and smooth, and slightly thinner than melton.

    The printed flannel fabric is pure and generous in color, with light gray, medium gray and dark gray. After being milled and raised, the hand feels plump and the suede is fine.

    The printed flannel fabric is first dyed with part of the wool, then mixed with a part of the primary color wool, mixed and spun into mixed-color wool yarn, woven into a fabric, and finished by rolling and brushing. In addition to all wool, the raw materials used are generally wool-viscose blended, and some are mixed with a small amount of nylon fiber to improve wear resistance.

    Printed flannel is suitable for making trousers, tops, children's clothing, etc., and thin ones can also be used as fabrics for shirts and skirts. The fabric structure includes plain weave, twill weave, etc. The weight of the fabric is about 260-320 g/m2, and the thin one is about 220 g/m2. It is mostly dyed with loose fibers, mainly by mixing black and white into different shades of gray or milky white, light coffee and other colors. There are also pieces dyed plain and sliver, lattice and other fancy styles.