Warp knitting release industry 2021/2022 mesh fabric trend

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Warp knitting release industry 2021/2022 mesh fabric trend

A release event led by mesh fabrics and their products-the 2021/2022 mesh warp knitted fabric industry trend press conference was held on August 18 in Foshan, Guangdong. The leading enterprise Foshan Guangcheng Warp Knitwear Weaving Co., Ltd. and industry experts in warp knitting, apparel and other fields made an authoritative announcement. The conferences and seminars attracted technical personnel from warp knitting manufacturing companies and design institutions, colleges and universities, representatives of machinery, raw materials and apparel companies, and leaders from industry associations and industry management departments to participate in the event.

  Foshan Guangcheng Warp Knitwear Weaving Co., Ltd. and industry experts researched the trend of warp knitted mesh design and the popular trend of mesh fabrics. This release focuses on interpreting the style and performance of the final fabric, from plain mesh to various jacquard, multi-comb, especially jacquard mesh; from various chemical fiber ( polyester , nylon ) mesh to cotton, wool, Blended and yarn-dyed mesh; from regular mesh to various special-shaped meshes. From the morphological point of view, attention: structure, appearance and texture, Jaka's modification, supplement and beautification of the mesh, etc. From the performance point of view, attention: the combination of raw material performance and warp knitting structure brings rich changes, and traces the process design from the diversified use.

  In this release seminar, market experts and design experts will interpret trends. Analysis by design experts: The application design of mesh in clothing, decoration, and industrial use is underestimated. For example, special mesh design tends to be routine, and manufacturing technology is rarely improved. Market expert analysis: From the perspective of domestic and foreign consumption, the application of mesh in apparel is still promising, because the design potential of warp knitting mesh is large, the demand growth is not obvious, and even some varieties fall into a trough, which are short-term and temporary. The industry needs to consolidate the results of product development and continue to accumulate strength.

  Chen Qingen, chairman of Foshan Guangcheng Warp Knitting Weaving Co., Ltd., believes: “Mesh products are generally long-lasting, thanks to the performance and style of mesh fabrics, and the docking with applications. It is beneficial to the accumulation of technology. A group of companies such as Guangcheng have developed such products in depth over the years. First, they have obtained patented technology and have a number of design intellectual property rights ; second, they have obtained machine adjustment and operation, and cultivated technical and operational backbones. These are wealth."

  Participants thought that the recommendations for this release: 1 Strengthen the classification research of mesh product design and introduce smart fashion; 2 Strengthen the combination of raw material application and actual product expansion to complement each other; 3 Product evaluation system and industry design system continue to improve and be practical and scientific Guide the market and maintain the sustainability of the industry.