Plush Toys Materials And Selection Attention

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Plush Toys Materials And Selection Attention

    The wool surface of the shearing cloth is soft, and the quality of the hair falling is generally poor, but the printed shearing cloth will fall a little, and a slight slope is acceptable.

    PV plush fabric is also a relatively good one, and there are others. A yarn is also called ordinary yarn and BOA material. It is divided into shiny yarn. Generally, it is shiny, and the yin and yang sides can be divided into different hair directions under the light. It is matte and matte and basically has no yin and yang sides.

    V yarn is also called special yarn, T-590, Vonnel. has Even Cut an Uneven cut, and the hair length is about 4-20mm, which belongs to the mid-grade material.

    Hipile hair length is in the range of 20-120mm, any hair length can be made within the range of 20-45mm, and only 65mm and 120 (110) mm above 45mm.

    When we choose these plush fabrics, we should pay attention to the density of the plush, whether the hand feel is smooth, that is, whether the exposed yarn is serious or not, and whether the plush surface is standing upright or lying down. The quality of the original yarn and the quality of the weave affects the smoothness effect.

   The larger area of the hair surface effect depends on whether the hair surface effect is dense, erect, or supple, whether there are abnormal indentations, wavy lines, disordered hair direction, and other abnormal phenomena. The above aspects can basically be used to judge the quality.