Process Characteristics of Coral Fleece Fabric

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Process Characteristics of Coral Fleece Fabric

Since coral fleece has been widely used, the praise has continued, and people's experience is also constantly increasing, which has a lot to do with the innovation of prevention and control technology. In fact, the quality and characteristics of fabric can be roughly seen from the specific process, so it is necessary for everyone to understand the process characteristics of coral fleece.

Coral fleece fabrics are beautiful in appearance and rich in colors. They are a new substitute for cotton bathrobes in China. Its texture is fine, soft to the touch, no ball, no fading, and has excellent water absorption performance, which is three times that of all cotton products. However, due to the principle of weaving, it will shed slightly. No irritation to the skin, no allergies.

Coral fleece has made great breakthroughs in technology through continuous product improvement and upgrades in recent years. The main new techniques include "cutting", "air-jet embossing", "offset embossing", etc., which add a sense of hierarchy to the original monotonous picture.

The process flow is POY raw yarn→one roller feeding→one hot box heating and deformation→cooling→false twisting→two rollers feeding→two hot box heating and shaping→three rollers feeding→oiling→DTY winding and forming.

From the above introduction, everyone has a general understanding of the characteristics of coral fleece craftsmanship. The beautiful appearance and soft and comfortable texture are one of the biggest highlights of coral fleece, and even if it is made of close-fitting clothing, it will not irritate people's skin. But the prerequisite is that you need to buy coral fleece fabrics of qualified quality and high safety.

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