Reasons for Knitted Fabric Pilling

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Reasons for Knitted Fabric Pilling

Knitted fabric is one of the common fabrics in our clothing. It has good elasticity, is very comfortable to wear, and feels soft. Many girls prefer this fabric. But when we wear clothes made of knitted fabrics, pilling will occur. This not only affects our love of clothes but also affects the appearance of clothes. So let’s learn about the reasons for pilling knitted fabrics today. :

1. The influence of organizational structure

The structure of the fabric also has a great influence on the pilling of the fabric, which is mainly affected by the type of fabric, the tightness of the organization and the surface smoothness. Compared with other fabrics, the structure of the knitted fabric is looser, so it is easier to fuzz and pilling. When we accidentally pull or cut the knitted fabric, it may cause pilling. And the organizational structure is tighter, and the surface flatness is relatively better.

2. Affected by friction

Due to the characteristics of knitted cotton fabrics, clothing is prone to snagging, leading to protruding lines. Destroy the perfection of the structure. The friction between clothes and clothes during wearing makes it easy to pilling. Therefore, clothing made of knitted cotton fabrics generally has a relatively short lifespan, unlike other materials. If you don't want to pill, there are some small methods for normal maintenance, but this is the characteristic of knitted cotton, which can only be reduced, not eliminated.

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