Reasons for the Popularity of Coral Fleece Fabric

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Reasons for the Popularity of Coral Fleece Fabric

Coral fleece is a new type of fabric. Coral fleece, as the name suggests, is a colorful, coral-like textile fabric with good coverage. It is a new type of fabric with fine texture, soft hand feeling, not easy to shed hair, no ball, no fading, no irritation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. Coral fleece fabric has the characteristics of fine texture, soft hand, no ball, and no color loss, but it will slightly shed hair due to the principle of weaving. The water absorption performance is particularly excellent, which is three times that of all cotton products. No irritation to the skin, no allergies. With its beautiful appearance and rich colors, it is a newly emerging cotton bathrobe substitute product in China. As a popular fabric, coral fleece has a soft, delicate texture, high fiber density, rich color, beautiful appearance, no color fading, no ball, strong heat preservation, and strong water absorption. However, because its main raw material is fiber, it tends to generate static electricity when the climate is dry, and it is easy to lose hair. It is recommended not to use it for people with skin allergies, people with asthma or other respiratory diseases, and infants.

Coral fleece is a new fabric, and its raw material is polyester fiber. Because its fibers are very thin and not easy to bend, coral fleece is super soft to the touch. In addition, coral fleece is named coral fleece because of its good coverage. Coral fleece is popular among consumers because of its soft texture, resistance to lint, no balling, and no fading. Due to the limitation of raw materials, coral fleece sometimes sheds hair. It is recommended that infants and young children, people with respiratory diseases and people with skin allergies choose carefully. In dry climates, coral fleece fabrics tend to generate static electricity, so it is best to add a softener when washing.

Advantages of coral fleece: Coral fleece is manufactured with imported superfine fibers as raw materials. Compared with other textiles, its advantages are particularly obvious: including it, it feels soft and delicate, does not shed hair, and is easy to dye.

Soft hand feeling: The monofilament has the fine size and small flexural modulus, so its fabric has outstanding softness.

Good coverage: due to the high density between the fibers and large specific surface area, the coverage is good.

Good wearability: Because the fiber has a larger specific surface area, it has a higher wicking effect and air permeability, and it is comfortable to wear. Good decontamination: Because the fiber fabric is soft and can be closely attached to the object to be wiped, it is very good The cleaning effect.

Optical: Due to the large specific surface area of ​​the fiber, the light reflection on the surface of the fiber assembly is poor. Therefore, the fabric made of this fiber has a light and soft color.

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