Several Classifications Of Coral Fleece

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Several Classifications Of Coral Fleece

    Coral velvet is called coral velvet because of its high density between fibers, coral-like shape, good coverage, as light and soft as living coral, and colorful. The fineness of the silk is small and the flexural modulus is small, so the fabric has excellent softness.

    Coral fleece is a new type of fabric with fine texture, soft feel, no lint, and no pilling. Does not fade. Good water absorption, three times that of cotton products. No irritation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors.

    There are many coral velvets. How many kinds of coral velvets are there?

    Coral fleece fabrics can generally be distinguished from two major aspects:

    (1) Weaving method: The warp knitted coral fleece is called warp knitted coral fleece, and the weft-knitted coral fleece is called weft-knitted coral fleece.

    (2) Wool surface: single-sided coral wrinkle, double-sided coral fleece

    (3) Color: plain coral velvet, printed velvet

    Coral velvet has made great breakthroughs in craftsmanship through continuous product improvement and upgrading in recent years. The main new techniques are "cut flower", "air jet embossing", "offset embossing", etc., which add a sense of hierarchy to the original monotonous picture.