Weft knitted fabrics are often made of low-elastic polyester yarn or special-shaped polyester yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, etc. Circle weave, etc., woven on various weft knitting machines. It has many varieties, generally has good elasticity and extensibility, the fabric is soft, firm, and wrinkle-resistant, has a strong sense of hair shape, and is easy to wash and dry. However, its hygroscopicity is poor, the fabric is not stiff enough, and it is easy to fall off and curl. There are mainly these varieties: polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabric, polyester knitted labor fabric, polyester knitted wicker fabric, polyester cap cotton knitted fabric, artificial fur knitted fabric, velvet knitted fabric.

    Polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabric is made of dyed low-elastic polyester yarn as raw material. Different colors are configured according to design requirements. Jacquard weave is used to woven into 3-6 colors or even more color patterns. Common patterns include stripes, lattices, flowers, figures, animals, landscapes, geometric patterns, etc. The fabric is bright in color, beautiful in color, harmonious in color matching, dense and thick in texture, clear in texture and strong in hair shape, and has a style similar to wool fabric tweed. Mainly used for men's and women's tops, suits, windbreakers, vests, skirts, padded jacket fabrics, children's clothing, etc. Polyester Knitted Labor Fabric

    Polyester knitted labor fabric, also known as polyester knitted denim, is made of low-elastic polyester yarn as raw material, one of which is thicker dyed navy blue, and the other is thinner. The surface is sandwiched in navy blue with evenly small natural color spots. This fabric is tight and thick, strong and wear-resistant, stiff and elastic. If the raw material is core-spun yarn containing spandex, it can be woven into elastic knitted denim with better elasticity. Mainly used for men's and women's tops and trousers.

    Polyester needle polyester knitted wicker fabric is made of low-elastic polyester yarn and woven with variable double rib weave. When weaving, 1-2 stitches are drawn every several longitudinal stitches, so that the cloth surface presents vertical stripes with uneven width and unevenness. The thickness of the stripes can be determined on request. This fabric has distinct bumps, feels thick and plump, and has good elasticity and warmth.

    Polyester-covered cotton polyester-covered cotton knitted fabric is a double-rib composite polyester-cotton interwoven fabric. It is woven with polyester yarn for the front and cotton for the back, which is joined by tucks. The fabric is dyed for shirts, jackets, and sportswear. This fabric is stiff, wrinkle-resistant, durable, breathable, soft, and comfortable against the body.

    Artificial fur and artificial fur knitted fabrics often use cotton yarn, viscose yarn, or polypropylene yarn as the base yarn, and use acrylic or modacrylic as the fluff. When weaving, the fiber bundles and the ground yarn are formed into loops, and the ends of the fibers are exposed to the fabric. After weaving, apply adhesive on the back of the fabric to set the fabric to avoid hair loss, and then go through a series of post-finishing processes such as carding, printing, and shearing to obtain artificial fur with various appearance effects. This fabric feels thick, soft, and warm.

    Velvet knits are soft to the touch, thick and durable, with dense piles and soft shades. Mainly used as outerwear fabric, collar or hat material, etc. Swan knitted fabric is a type of plush knitted fabric. In addition to weft knitting, plush knitted fabrics can also be woven by warp knitting, for example, warp-knitted loop shearling fabrics