Several Selection Points For Household Quilts

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Several Selection Points For Household Quilts

Weight: For home comforters in summer, you should mainly choose light, breathable, and thin materials. You can look at the weight on the outer packaging of the quilt, or the net weight of the quilt will be written on the warranty card, you can choose a lighter quilt. A good quilt will be very light because of its good air permeability.

Quilt cover fabric: Because the weather in summer is very stuffy, you must choose a fabric that is breathable, soft, light, and easy to wash, so that it will be easy to clean.

Size: Whether it is a quilt for summer or winter, choose a quilt that can cover the whole body. Our organs are also resting during sleep, so body resistance is almost non-existent. If any part catches a cold at this time, it will be very uncomfortable the next day. Cold is the cause of many diseases, so don't catch a cold. It is recommended that you measure the size of the bed, and then choose the quilt according to the area of the bed.

The material inside the quilt; the material inside is good, which is the main point of a quilt. The main choice is light texture, and the more popular inner core is cotton, so there will be no worries about allergies.