The Advantages of Velvet Fabric

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The Advantages of Velvet Fabric

Velvet is a commonly used fabric for autumn and winter clothing. The overall velvet clothing will give people a luxurious and elegant feeling, so it is also liked by many consumers, but in fact, there are not many people who really know velvet. In order to let everyone know more about velvet. Kinds of clothing fabrics, the following will introduce the advantages of velvet fabrics.

The advantages of velvet fabric:

The cloth surface of velvet is soft and delicate. The fabric is not only beautiful but also very comfortable to wear. The good elasticity also makes the cloth surface not easy to wrinkle. The water absorption of velvet is very good and will not cause pilling and lint. It also has It has a very good skin-friendliness and will not irritate our skin.

The fluff of velvet is relatively tight and firm, and the abrasion resistance of the fabric is also good. It also has a good performance in fixing color. It will not fade under normal washing.

Velvet is not made of swan feathers, but is made of interwoven fibers such as cotton and polyester. The original grade requirements are relatively high, so the quality of velvet is very high after it is fabricated.

Can velvet clothes be washed?

Before washing, you must first confirm the fabric composition of the clothes. If it is a chemical fiber fabric, it can be washed with confidence. Hand washing and machine washing is also possible. If the label clearly states that the clothes cannot be washed, it is best to get them in order to extend the service life of the clothes. The dry cleaner goes to dry cleaning.

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