The Big Competition of Flannel and Coral Fleece Fabrics

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The Big Competition of Flannel and Coral Fleece Fabrics

    Flannel fabric is pure and generous in color, fine and dense plush, thick fabric, high cost, good heat retention, suitable for making spring and autumn men's and women's tops and trousers. The coral fleece fabric is fine in texture, soft to the touch, does not pill, and does not fade, but it will shed slightly due to the weaving principle. Excellent water absorption, three times that of cotton products. No irritation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. It is an alternative to cotton bathrobes that have just emerged in China. Gloves, nightgowns, fashion scarves, bath skirts, bathrobes, blankets, slippers, etc., which are common in the market, all come from this. Many products are made of coral fleece. As the main force of home textile fabrics, the difference in some properties between the two has led to the difference in the audience and popularity of the two. What is the difference between the two?

1. The plush of flannel is thicker and tighter, and the plush of coral fleece is thicker and sparser.

2. Flannel will not shed easily, but coral velvet will shed.

3. The raw materials used for flannel are mostly mixed-color carded (cotton) wool yarn, and the raw materials used for coral fleece are mostly polyester fibers.

4. Because the flannel's plush is denser, the pattern will be clearer, and the requirements for craftsmanship are higher; while the pattern of coral fleece is relatively blurred, not as clear as flannel.

5. Flannel is more suitable for surface cloth and can be used as fabric for clothes. Although coral fleece is soft to the touch and rich in color, it is more suitable for home textile products because it is easy to lose hair and the density of hair is not enough.