The Cleaning Process Of Flannel Quilt Cover

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The Cleaning Process Of Flannel Quilt Cover

The correct way to wash the flannel quilt cover is to dissolve the neutral detergent in warm water, soak the flannel for a few minutes, and gently remove the stains with your hands. Do not use a brush, which will damage the fluff of the fabric, and using too much force Causes lint shedding, do not wash with dark or faded items. After washing, rinse with clean water, dry in a ventilated place after dehydration.

Secondly, during the cleaning process, do not wash with dark-colored or faded items. Please wash dark-colored flannel products with cold water when testing the water for the first time.

Bleach cannot be used, because bleach contains chlorides, which will damage the material of the fabric and cause the fabric to turn yellow. When machine washing, please put the non-drum washing machine into the laundry bag for washing, so as not to damage the velvet. When washing by hand, rub it gently with both hands, and do not use hard brushes and washing powder, otherwise, it will easily cause the suede to deform and harden.

After the washing process is completed, squeeze it gently with your hands to let the water flow out naturally, dry it naturally, and do not iron it. After cleaning, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not in a humid place.