The Development History of Flannel Fleece Fabric

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The Development History of Flannel Fleece Fabric

The Flannel Fleece Fabric is well-known in the market. It has appeared in the market since the eighteenth century and has been used to this day. It is also used on various home textile products to give the products a different look. For ordinary consumers, the understanding of flannel is relatively weak. Although many people have heard of flannel, they have never understood this fabric in-depth, and do not know what flannel fabric is?

What is the flannel fabric?

The term flannel is a loanword, which is a soft and suede wool fabric woven with carded wool yarn. It was created in Wales, England in the 18th century. Domestically, it generally refers to the woolen fabric with interlocking style woven by mixed color coarse (cotton) wool yarn, which is covered with a layer of plump and clean fluff, does not show the texture, and feels soft and flat. The body bones are slightly better than Melton's. Thin.

Features of flannel fabric

The flannel has a simple and elegant color, which can be divided into light gray, medium gray and dark gray. It is suitable for making spring and autumn men's and women's tops and trousers. The flannel has a high weight, fine and dense fleece, thick fabric, high cost, and warmth retention. it is good.

The flannel surface is covered with a layer of plump, fine and clean fluff, no texture, soft and smooth, and the body bone is slightly thinner than Melton. After milling and raising, the hand feel is plump and the suede is fine.

The use of flannel fabric

Because the flannel is covered with a layer of plump pile, and its suede is delicate, it is a very good fabric choice for making trousers, tops and children's clothes. And some thin flannels can also be used to make shirts and skirts. The original flannel is made of fine wool with 64 counts of yarn, and more than 12 top carded wool yarns that are used by warp and weft. The fabric has a plain weave and twill weave. After milling and raising, it has a full hand feeling and fine suede. It generally uses loose fibers for dyeing, mainly black and white mixed with different shades of gray or light brown and cream. Nowadays, flannel fabrics also have piece-dyed plain colors and patterns such as lattices and stripes. Some flannel fabrics are also made of combed wool yarn or cotton yarn as warp and carded wool yarn as weft. Carded wool yarn is sometimes spun with a small amount of cotton or viscose.

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