The Difference Between Different Quilt Cover Fabrics

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The Difference Between Different Quilt Cover Fabrics

In fact, there are many kinds of the most popular quilt cover fabrics on the market, mainly including yarn count quilt cover fabrics, pure cotton quilt cover fabrics, satin quilt cover fabrics, and brushed quilt cover fabrics. Among them, pure cotton fabrics and yarn count fabrics are the most popular. The most popular.

Quilt cover fabric classification 1, yarn count fabric

Features of plain weave quilt cover fabric: This quilt cover fabric has a firm texture, the same appearance effect on both sides, and also has good air permeability.

Twill yarn count quilt cover fabric characteristics: different from plain yarn count fabrics, twill yarn count quilt cover fabrics are divided into front and back sides, and the floating line is longer, and the hand feels soft.

Quilt cover fabric classification 2, pure cotton fabric

Features of pure cotton quilt cover fabric: pure cotton fabric is a high-end quilt cover fabric. Its main characteristics are softness, breathability, natural flexibility with the human body, and its performance in both moisture absorption and dehumidification is not weak. ; The use of pure cotton quilt cover fabric also has obvious advantages in terms of warmth retention, heat resistance, and alkali resistance.

Quilt cover fabric classification 3, satin fabric

The characteristics of satin quilt cover fabric: Strictly speaking, satin is also a kind of cotton, but it is different from ordinary cotton quilt cover fabrics, and its main characteristics are thick, smooth, and delicate. It has a very soft feel and color. It is also very beautiful; the satin quilt cover fabric also has good elasticity and tight texture, and is not easy to deform, and has the front and back sides like the twill quilt cover fabric; because the warp and weft yarns of the satin are interwoven every three, the fabric density is very high. , Also has a reflective effect, looks similar to silk and satin, it can reflect the grade.

Quilt cover fabric classification 4. Brushed fabric

The characteristics of the sanded quilt cover fabric: the sanded quilt fabric is also called the sanded printed fabric. The sanded fabric is a high-end combed cotton. Its main characteristics are that it is fluffy and thick, has good thermal performance, and the surface of the sanded quilt is short. But dense, smooth suede, plump and soft hand, full of velvet, soft luster without aurora.

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