The Effect of Blankets on Different Groups of People

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The Effect of Blankets on Different Groups of People

In winter, we talk about more quilts and sanded quilts, but don’t neglect a blanket that usually doesn’t pay much attention to. This is a household item with many functions. At present, most blankets on the market are mainly polyester fiber and wool. Let me talk about their role below.

The old people like cotton quilts because of their heavy clothing, while duvets lack this. People who sleep less honestly cover the light quilt and it is easy to leak air, but if there is a blanket pressed on it, the temperature can be immediately adjusted. Rise, it can be worth a try.

Speaking of fur, everyone said that it feels warm. It is a painful thing to sit in the living room and watch TV in winter-it's cold! Although thick home clothes can be relieved, the feeling of being surrounded by warmth is still missing. A blanket is like a stove to dissolve the ice.

Friends who have children in the family know that children like to crawl on the ground regardless of winter and summer. Summer is okay, but winter is really no way. A suitable blanket on the floor can let him enjoy, warm and fluffy. , A thick protective layer, safe and secure to play.

The north may not be needed because there is heating, but the south is different. Many families have electric heating tables. Put a blanket on the top of the table to form a warm space inside; the whole family sits together and chats. Nicking sunflower seeds, watching TV, and thinking about it is all beautiful.

There are many kinds of blanket materials. If you want to cover, you can choose wool, cashmere or cotton blankets. If you want to use them for other purposes, you can choose polyester fibers, because polyester fibers are more convenient to wash.

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