The Main Purpose of PV Plush Fabric

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The Main Purpose of PV Plush Fabric

The main component of PV velvet is polyester. There are two kinds of matte and semi-gloss. It does not shed hair or ball and has various styles. It is a knitted fabric that has risen and become popular in the past two years. It is widely used in the production and processing of clothing, toys, and bedding products, and is favored by garment factories, supermarkets, and traders at home and abroad.

PV velvet is 100% chemical fiber fabric, and its textile raw material is 100% polyester

PV velvet is mainly used in shoes, hats, toys, car accessories, craft products, home accessories and so on. PV velvet is divided into dull and semi-gloss. Light color series are generally easy to distinguish, but dark color series is not so easy. In fact, we can put the PV fleece in the sun and use a convex lens to see if the rougher is dull and the diamond is as bright as semi-gloss.

PV velvet is one of the latest and best-selling fabrics among textile fabrics. The products are characterized by soft hand feeling, fine texture and environmental protection. Mainly used in nightgowns, baby products, children's clothing, clothing lining, shoes and hats, toys, car accessories, craft products, home accessories and other materials. In recent years, the home textile industry has become more and more popular.

Characteristics of PV velvet fabric

1. Although the pile of PV velvet fabric is long, the fabric will not shed hair or pilling, so it has a lot of styles.

2. The fabric composition of PV velvet is 100% polyester fabric, so PV velvet belongs to polyester fabric.

3. Since polyester fabrics are easier to wash, this excellent feature is also inherited by PV fleece fabrics, so it will be very simple to take care of PV fleece.

4. The pv velvet fabric is widely used, can be used in clothing, for warmth, and can also be used for children's toys, without shed hair and skin-friendly. It is also widely used in the field of home textiles and is widely used in home textiles such as blankets.

5. Because the PV velvet fabric feels particularly delicate, it is also widely used in furniture decoration, car decoration, etc. For example, the jackets on the steering wheel of automobiles are mostly processed from PV velvet fabric.

6. It is skin-friendly, does not have any irritation to human skin, and does not produce any allergies, so the audience of PV velvet fabric is particularly wide!

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