Three Common Cleaning Methods For Blankets

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Three Common Cleaning Methods For Blankets

    Divided from the main body of production, blankets are divided into handmade and mechanical; the original carpet was handmade, later developed into a simple tool, and finally entered the stage of large-scale mechanical industrial production. Hand-woven carpets can be divided into three types according to the process: knotting, bonding, and weaving. There are many classifications of mechanical carpets.

    Cleaning method 1: Use a range hood to clean the blanket every day. The fluff on the blanket gets dirty easily, and the ability to absorb sweat is a great way to get rid of dust. First, sweep a large area with an upright vacuum cleaner, and then carefully treat the places with particularly heavy dust such as the pantry, corners, and bedsides with a hand-pull vacuum cleaner, and then clean up thoroughly! When using, it is necessary to regularly and quantitatively, and persevere.

    Cleaning method 2: Wipe with a dry cloth. Such as coffee, cola, rice wine, and other beverages cause stains, they should be removed with a dry cloth or paper towel as soon as possible; then immediately go to the kitchen to wet a rag with vinegar and wipe it gently. This trace can be removed.

    Cleaning method three: steam sauna blanket cleaning. The carpet is cleaned with special steam sauna cleaning equipment, and the water vapor is converted into high temperature and high pressure of 200°C to separate dust and sterilize the high-temperature carpet.

    Method 5 for cleaning the carpet: Change the carpet frequently. After a period of use, it is best to adjust the position of the carpet so that it wears evenly. If there is any unevenness, pat or use steam or a hot towel. If there are sunken hairs on the carpet, soak a hot towel with a clean towel, comb it with a comb, and iron it with a damp iron cloth to restore it.