Three Common Suede Fabrics In Life

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Three Common Suede Fabrics In Life

    Corduroy, flannel, velvet, polar fleece, coral fleece, and PV fleece are all types of suede fabrics. The characteristics of velvet fabrics are good heat retention, so they are suitable for autumn and winter products.

    Coral fleece is a colorful, coral-like textile fabric with good coverage. Common coral fleece is made of polyester microfiber. Delicate texture, soft to the touch, not easy to lose hair, no pilling, no irritation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors.

    The word flannel is a foreign word, a soft and suede wool fabric woven from carded yarn. In China, it generally refers to the woolen wool fabric with clip flower style woven from mixed-color carded wool yarn, which is covered with a layer of plump and clean fluff, without texture, and feels soft and smooth.

    Flannel is pure and elegant in color, high in weight, fine and dense in plush, thick in fabric, high in cost, and good in warmth retention.

    The velveteen is woven with a pile weave and then finished by cutting. The warp and weft yarns of the velveteen are made of high-quality cotton yarns. The velveteen fluff is plump and flat, thick in texture, soft to the touch, soft luster, wear-resistant and durable, good in warmth retention, elastic, and not easy to wrinkle.