Three Distinct Characteristics Of Velveteen Fabrics

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Three Distinct Characteristics Of Velveteen Fabrics

     The velveteen is woven with a pile weave and then finished by cutting. The surface has dense, flat, standing, and lustrous fluff, so it is called velveteen, and shu velveteen fabric is one of them. The appearance of excellent velveteen fabric products should meet the requirements of plump and upright fluff, smooth and even density, smooth and smooth suede, soft color, small directionality, soft and smooth hand feel, and elasticity.

   According to the different raising yarns, it is divided into warp velveteen (cut warp velveteen) and weft velveteen (cut weft velveteen). Velvet fabrics often have these three characteristics:

    1. The abrasion resistance is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary fabrics. Because the surface of the velveteen fabric is the contact between the fiber section and the outside world, the friction of the cloth bottom is avoided.

    2. The surface of velveteen is densely covered with towering fluff, so it feels soft and elastic, with soft luster, and the surface is not easy to wrinkle.

    3. The cloth body is thick, and the surface fluff can form an air layer, so heat preservation is good.

    Therefore, velveteen fabrics are very popular and are often used in daily life and architectural decoration.