Velvet Fabric Sounds Very Comfortable

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Velvet Fabric Sounds Very Comfortable

Velvet fabric sounds quite comfortable. I don't know what material velvet is made of. In order to answer this question from netizens, I checked a lot of information on the Internet. The velvet fabric uses a high-quality veil. The raw materials are mainly 80% cotton and 20% polyester, 20% cotton and 80% cotton, 65T% and 35C%, and bamboo fiber cotton.

The organizational structure of velvet is usually a weft-knitted loop structure, which can generally be divided into ground yarn and loop yarn. It is often woven with different raw materials such as cotton, eyeglass, viscose silk, polyester and nylon. According to different uses, different raw materials can be used for weaving.

Velvet is divided into two types: flower and vegetable. The surface of plain velvet looks like all pile loops, while flower velvet cuts part of the pile loops into piles according to the pattern, and the pattern is formed by the piles and pile loops. Flower velvet can be divided into two types: "bright flower" and "dark flower". The patterns are mostly Tuanlong, Tuanfeng, Five Fortune Holding Shou, Flowers and Birds, Bogu, etc. The main color is purple, apricot, blue and brown.

Velvet fabric characteristics: velvet piles or loops stand tightly, with good color, noble and elegant, the fabric is strong and wear-resistant, not easy to fade, and has good resilience.

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