What Are The Characteristics of Flannel Fleece?

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What Are The Characteristics of Flannel Fleece?

Flannel Fleece is generally made of cotton, chemical fiber or wool as raw materials, after a special weaving process, the surface of the fabric will be covered with a layer of fine fluff, which looks very similar to coral fleece, but the fluff will be more than coral fleece. It is much longer, feels soft and flat, suitable for making blankets, coats and other fabrics.

Features of flannel fleece:

The flannel made of cotton as the main raw material is comfortable and warm, and it is more used to produce blankets and quilts, while the flannel made of wool is generally only used for suits, trousers and coats because of its higher cost. Wait for the production of high-end clothing, but whether it is cotton or wool, their warmth and comfort are very good. Wool will be better than cotton but it is not convenient to take care of. When it is dirty, it can only be dry-cleaned in a dry cleaner.

Secondly, the good colorability makes the color of the flannel fabric more abundant, but after a long time, the phenomenon of color fading and hair loss will appear more or less. Flannel is also very good in terms of abrasion resistance. Take the flannel blanket we usually cover as an example. No matter how you toss it, it will not be damaged.

But flannel has a big defect that it is very easy to generate static electricity, especially in a dry environment like winter, static electricity will attract dust and affect sleep, spraying a little water mist can relieve static electricity. Flannel is also a common problem of flannel, and the specific degree of lint depends on the quality of the fabric.

The price of flannel fleece:

The wholesale price of chemical fiber or cotton flannel fabric is generally more than 20 to 40 per meter, and wool is much more expensive, so we need to see the composition of the fabric when we buy it.

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