What are the Raw Materials of Flannel Fleece?

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What are the Raw Materials of Flannel Fleece?

The production process of flannel

The production of flannel is to dye part of the wool first, then mix part of the primary color wool, mix and spun it into a mixed color yarn, woven into a fabric, and finish it by milling and napping. Twill weaves are mostly used, but plain weaves are also useful. In addition to all wool, the raw materials used are generally wool-viscose blends, and some are mixed with a small amount of nylon fiber to improve abrasion resistance.

Uses of flannel

Flannel is suitable for making trousers, tops, children's clothing, etc., and thin ones can also be used as fabrics for shirts and skirts.

The raw material is made of 64 fine wool, and the warp and weft use more than 12 metric carded wool yarn. The fabric has a plain weave and twill weave. After milling and raising, it has a full hand feeling and fine suede. The fabric weighs about 260-320 g/m2, and the thin type is about 220 g/m2.

It is mostly dyed with loose fibers, mainly black and white mixed with different shades of gray or milky white, light coffee and other colors. There are also piece-dyed plain colors, slivers, grids and other fancy patterns. Flannel is also made of combed wool yarn or cotton yarn as warp and carded wool yarn as weft. Carded wool yarn is sometimes spun with a small amount of cotton or viscose.

Features of flannel

Variety of colors and colors-the bright appearance of flannel is one of the reasons for its endurance. Whether it is for suits, jackets, shirts, work or leisure, the rich colors and patterns of flannel can satisfy different men's Individual needs.

Comfortable and warm to the touch-the biggest feature of flannel is the soft touch and the fine fluff on the surface. This layer of fluff not only gives the flannel a gentle touch but also allows air to stay between the fluffs and makes it accumulates in the fabric to isolate the external cold air, so as to achieve a good warmth.

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