What Are The Types Of Household Blankets?

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What Are The Types Of Household Blankets?

    A blanket is a commonly used bedding that provides warmth and is thinner than a quilt. The raw materials are mostly animal fibers or chemical fibers such as acrylic fibers and viscose fibers, and some are made of animal fibers and chemical fibers.

    The styles of the blanket surface include suede type, standing pile type, smooth wool type, rolling ball type, and water pattern type. The appearance of blankets is diverse, including plump and curled suede type, pile type with upright and velvety fluff, smooth wool type with smooth and long fluff, rolling ball shape like lambskin, and irregular rippled water pattern. type, etc. Blanket patterns come in a wide variety of colors, including geometric patterns, flowers, landscapes, animals, and more. Generally, blankets are decorated and reinforced with overlocking, wrapping, and fringe.

    Blankets are divided into three categories: pure blankets, blended blankets, and chemical fiber blankets. According to the weaving method, they are divided into organic weaving, velvet, warp knitting, needle punching, and stitching. There are jacquard, printing, plain color, Daozi, plaid, and so on.

    Pure wool blankets use semi-fine wool as raw material, generally, 2~5 male carded yarn as warp and knot, or combed yarn, cotton yarn, man-made fiber yarn as warp, carded yarn as weft interweaving, twill breakage can be adopted Double twill weft, double weft satin weave, double-layer twill weave, etc.

    Blended blankets contain 30~50% viscose fiber, sometimes with recycled wool, to reduce costs by 7 frames (in one division).

    The chemical fiber blanket uses acrylic fiber as the main raw material, with bright color and soft hand feeling. The weaving methods of blankets are divided into two types: weaving and knitting.