What is PV Plush Fabric? What Are The Characteristics?

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What is PV Plush Fabric? What Are The Characteristics?

PV plush is a kind of velvet fabric. Because the pile is relatively long, it is called plush. At the same time, the velvet was first developed by South Korea, so it is called South Korean velvet.

According to the reflective effect of PV plush fabric, it can be divided into matt PV plush and semi-gloss PV plush.

The textile technology of PV plush fabric is knitted fabric, but what is the composition of the fabric?

In fact, PV plush is 100% chemical fiber fabric, and its textile raw material is 100% polyester.

What are the characteristics of PV plush fabric?

1. PV plush fabric has long fluff, but the fabric will not shed hair or pilling, so it has a lot of styles.

2. The fabric composition of PV plush is 100% polyester fabric, so PV plush belongs to polyester fabric.

3. Since polyester fabric is easier to wash, this excellent feature is also inherited by PV plush fabric, so it is very simple to take care of PV plush.

4. PV plush fabric has a wide range of applications. It can be used in clothing, to keep warm, and it can also be used in children's toys without shed hair and skin. It is also widely used in the field of home textiles, and is widely used in home textiles such as blankets.

5. Because PV plush fabric feels particularly delicate, it is also widely used in furniture decoration, car decoration, etc. For example, the jackets on the steering wheel of automobiles are mostly processed by PV plush fabric.

6. It is skin-friendly, does not have any irritation to human skin, and does not produce any allergies, so PV plush fabric has a particularly wide audience.

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