What is The Difference Between Different Velvets?

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What is The Difference Between Different Velvets?

Do you know that there are many types of soft velvet fabric? I think there is always one that can meet your needs.

You can find velvet in all price ranges, from the most expensive to the most affordable. You can also find products in multiple weights. And if you cut its pile, you can also treat the velvet differently, which will change its appearance and make it more or less easy to use.

There are many common velvets

The crushed velvet has irregular moiré stripes. Has a different kind of beauty.

Velveteen, the pile of this fabric is short and dense, and the distribution is very even. Velvets are usually 100% cotton, and they are also more matte due to the shorter pile.

Corduroy is made of extra weft threads, woven and cut to form lines that extend vertically along the fabric. This fabric is very strong and reliable, usually 100% cotton, but can also contain polyester or elastic fibers.

Silk velvet has excellent fluidity and is considered one of the most difficult fabrics to use. These luxurious fabrics are usually very smooth. Rayon velvet is similar to silk velvet, but has a lower gloss and a more affordable price.

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