What is Velveteen Fabric Applied to?

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What is Velveteen Fabric Applied to?

Speaking of what velvet cloth is, many of my friends may not know it well, or even listen to it. So what kind of fabric is velvet cloth? Let the cloth network editor take everyone to get to know, for example: if you might know the etiquette shoes, the fabric of the etiquette shoes is made of velvet cloth.

The alias of velveteen is also called mercerized velveteen or velveteen. It is a pure cotton fabric woven with a pile structure. Its characteristic is that the warp direction uses combed double-strand yarn, and the weft direction uses single yarn. According to the processing method, it can be divided into warp and weft. The former is also called cut warp velveteen, and the latter is also called For cut weft velveteen.

After weaving, the finished fabric goes through the two processes of alkali rolling, cutting pile, and then a series of processing processes of dyeing or printing, and finally the finished product is formed. The velveteen fabric has the characteristics of plump and flat down, thick texture, soft luster, soft hand feeling, good warmth retention, abrasion resistance and durability, and is not easy to wrinkle. Mainly used as fabrics for women's spring, autumn and winter clothing and shoes and hats.

The raw material warp velveteen is raised with warp yarns. Two sets of warp yarns (ground warp and pile warp) and a set of weft yarns are interwoven to form a double-layer fabric. The organization of warp velveteen is generally plain weave, and the consolidation of velvet warp is mainly based on the V-shaped unity method, and there are two types of arrangement ratios of ground warp and velvet warp: 2:1 and 1:1. Warp velveteen can be divided into mercerized velveteen and train velveteen according to the length of the pile. Train velveteen has longer down and is often used on train seat cushions; mercerized velveteen has short down and after mercerizing treatment, the cloth surface is bright, often used in clothing, military collars and decorations.

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