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We provide flannel bed blankets. This kind of bed blanket is a very solid fabric, which is characterized by thick and soft hand feeling and good warmth retention. Its function is to allow people to have a good sleep.
Changshu Jishun Textile Co., Ltd. is a China Blankets manufacturer, Our company has all kinds of warp knitting machines, warping machines, slitting machines, rolling machines, cloth inspection machines with a total of 60 sets. The production capacity is over 10000 tons, products are exported to the United States, Russia, western European countries, the Middle East countries, and Afric countries. We also hope to establish friendly and cooperative relationships with domestic and overseas colleagues to create a better future.

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Changshu Jishun Textile Co, Ltd.

Our factory was established in 2002, located in the beautiful city Changshu, which is in Jiangsu province. It is a comprehensive enterprise with designing, developing, produce and selling. Our product sold to more than 100 countries and regions. We occupied big shares in America, Turkey, Korea, South Africa, Southeast Asia, etc...

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Industry Knowledge

Types of Household Blankets
There are several types of household blankets, including:
Fleece blankets: Made from synthetic fibers, fleece blankets are lightweight and warm, and come in a variety of colors and patterns.
Wool blankets: These are made from natural wool and are known for their insulation properties. They are also durable and long-lasting.
Electric blankets: Electric blankets use electricity to generate heat, making them a good choice for cold nights. They come in a variety of sizes and materials, including fleece and wool.
Chenille blankets: Made from a soft, plush material, chenille blankets are ideal for snuggling on the couch. They come in a range of colors and textures.
Down blankets: Down is a type of insulation made from the soft, fluffy plumage that grows under the feathers of geese and ducks. Down blankets are lightweight and warm, but they can be expensive.
Throw blankets: Throw blankets are smaller than traditional blankets, making them easy to carry and use for quick warmth. They come in a variety of materials, including fleece, wool, and cotton.
Synthetic blankets: Synthetic blankets are made from synthetic fibers and come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are often less expensive than natural fiber blankets but may not be as warm.
Quilts: Quilts are made from multiple layers of fabric, typically with a layer of batting in between. They can be used as both a decorative element and a source of warmth.
How to Choose Home Blankets
When choosing home blankets, there are several factors to consider, including:
Material: The material of the blanket will affect its warmth, durability, and comfort. Some common materials include wool, cotton, fleece, and down.
Warmth: Consider the climate and temperature of your home when choosing a blanket. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to choose a thicker, warmer blanket.
Size: Make sure the blanket you choose is the right size for your bed or couch. Consider the size of the room, as well as the size of the furniture you want to use the blanket on.
Care: Consider the care required for the blanket you choose. Some materials, such as wool, may need to be hand-washed, while others may be machine-washable.
Style: Choose a blanket that complements your personal style and the style of your home. Blankets come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, so you can choose one that matches your decor.
Allergies: If you or anyone in your household has allergies, consider choosing a blanket made from hypoallergenic materials, such as synthetic fibers or cotton.
Budget: Blankets can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Consider your budget when choosing a blanket, and be aware that high-quality materials and construction will likely cost more.